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Walk Like You Mean It

Backyard Chicken Video: “The Chicken Walk” – Two O.G. (Original Gangsters) backyard chickens walk down from their coop to the other side of the backyard where the humans hang. They are real “Original Gangsters” within this flock of ten. The one on the right, Brownie, rules them all. She is so badass, we had to take the other 8 big hens to my dear old Mother’s backyard so they could live the rest of their lives. Do you see how she lets the Golden-Laced Cochin go first? Yup, that is what a true smart Boss does. 

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When Chickens Go Pot Hopping For Worms

When Chickens Go Pot Hopping For Worms… Yes this is their favorite activity of the day. They have grandpa pick up all those pots one by one until all the wormies are gone. There are some seriously huge grubs under those pots. Who will eat them all?

A Chicken Spa Treatment

How To Bathe And Blow Dry Your Chicken – A Chicken Spa Treatment Special… Yes Chickens and Bathing them! Total fun, yes just do it! For one, you will feel good about yourself for helping them clean off their dusty feathers and little bugs. Secondly, your chickens will feel warm and fuzzy inside from the warm water and air. Consider a separate blow-dryer.